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Product Description

Product Specifications

Dimension 186*85*44mm
Weight 400g
Battery Capacity 16500mAh/61.05WH
Out Voltage at Auto Starter end 12V
Output Voltage 19V, 16V, 12V
USB Output 5V 2.1/2A
Charge Mode CC/CV 15V 1A
Starting current 300A
Peak Current 600A(3S)
Cycle Life 3,000 times
Operating Temperature -20~60℃


Bolt Power Charge up your life!

*600 AMP Peak can jump start RV and Mid-Size Truck

Cold Cranking Amp: 300

RoHS, CE, FCC Certified Safety Test:
Built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry, this product meets the rigorous safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories.

Red/Blue Emergency Light
Besides 3 modes LED light (high, strobe and SOS), advanced and useful function comes. You need to use it as a hazard warning light to notify oncoming traffic of a breakdown, or needing the emergency services to see you.

12V/16V/19V Output Selector
This design can make good use of the power and protect your device. It has an output selector so that you can switch between 12V/16V/19V, and the voltage is shown by a blue led.

Portable USB Charger
It charges cellphones, laptops, tablets, kindles, anything with a USB port and then some. It also come with 8 in 1 laptop adapters. Charge your laptop when you are on business trip.

Rubber feet
Rubber feet are on the bottom of the battery case helping it grip a surface the build feels quite good for day to day use.

Ultra Compact
Unlike traditional bulky jump starter packs, it’s small enough to store in your glovebox and light enough to pack in your bag.

If less than 25% charged, it may not be able to start your engine.
Do not connect the positive and negative polarity together when it’s power.

3 reviews for Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Car Battery Jump Starter Power Bank Charger With 16500mAh – Emergency Auto Heavy Duty Jump Starter For Truck, Van, SUV and More

  1. 5 out of 5


    I drive a 1999 Mitsubishi that has battery issues. After getting my battery replaced once and still having problems starting my car at times I realized I needed to invest in some jumper cables. Well, then I thought about it – who was going to help me jump my car in the morning? I came across this product and am so glad I purchased it. I am able to jump my car on my own without needing anyones help. I love the comfort in knowing that if I am ever stranded somewhere (which has happened several times on occasion), that I can get my car up and going in no time. This is a must have and I will be buying a back up for my house.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Small portable jump starter that really start my midsize truck. I was on the way to Los angeles from Las Vegas, with 4 hours of driving time and of course i needed to take a break. While I was in my truck, I had my ac on and in about 30 minutes my truck wouldn’t start. I finally pulled out the jump starter from my trunk to jump the battery. In 10 second, my truck was running strong!

  3. :

    Thank you for sharing such a good post, hope to see more items! Great job

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