About Us

Boltpower is one creator of the portable jump starter. Our company uses the most eco-friendly materials and prioritizes safety highly. We currently strive to be the largest manufacturing plant for portable jump starters and the battery cells within those components. In are work to achieve such goals, we have established battery cell production, SMT, research and development, sales, and marketing teams in house.
Bolt Power’s main manufacturing plant is currently located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. A new battery cell manufacturing plant was constructed in Changsha, Hunan Province. Our main manufacture plant along with the newly constructed plant are poised to bring in approximately 325 million dollars in revenue. Amongst both plants we currently employ over 1000 regular staff members and 30 different engineers in different fields of study. We own 10 different core patents. As well we have been awarded many times in our city for things such as “Outstanding Enterprise Award” and “Outstanding automotive electronics brand”.
Competitive technology is the core of Bolt Power. We work alongside many international companies and this presents us the capability to sustain the competitive edge needed in global synchronization of high precision technology. Being the top competition allows us to edge out our competitors when dealing with new innovations and breakthrough technology. We maintain lots of foreign relations to aid in distribution all across the globe. This allows us to use our leads for rapid distribution and has allowed us to spread across 30 different countries in 4 continents. This has us reaching over 10 million end users within this next quarter of 2014.
Bolt Power is focused on being innovative but maintaining a safe approach to new technology. Our basic building block of strong and well-built products has come to be expected by our consumers and we will continue to meet and exceed this expectation. By producing such excellent products it has earned the trust and loyalty of our customers. Combined with our amazing customer support, we will continue to strive to be number 1 in our market and continue to grow by recruiting more excellent employees and working as a team to bring portable power to everyone!